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Oh, gee.  I think I've shared this before but it bears repeating.  Years ago I was the director of a child care center.  My office was in the building with the gym area, and all the classrooms were in the main building.  April 1st rolled around, and I knew the teachers would probably try something.  Sure enough, they pulled a few pranks on my during the day, silly things that didn't bother anyone much.  By noon I figured it was all over.

That year April Fool's fell on a Wednesday, coincidentally the Wednesday on which paychecks were scheduled to arrive.  The checks always came on Wednesday for me to give out on Friday, giving me time to go over each one and make sure the hours were correct.  The FedEx guy always delivered the checks to the main building, where my assistant picked them up and brought them to me.  By 2 in the afternoon, when she hadn't brought me the checks, I went looking for her, thinking she'd gotten too busy.  But when I asked her for the checks, she said, "No, the FedEx guy hasn't come yet."  I waited another hour, and when the checks still hadn't arrived, I called the main office to report the problem.  They called FedEx, then called me back.  The checks must have been delivered to the wrong place, they said.  They would have to cancel those checks and issue new ones, but they couldn't guarantee the new ones would be there by Friday.  I steeled myself to go tell my employees the bad news, that they might not get paid until Monday.

I went to my assistant first.  As I told her my story, her face became pale, and suddenly she ran out of the room.  Returning a moment later with a FedEx envelope in her hand.  Since the other pranks hadn't really tricked me much, she'd decided to hide the checks, thinking it would be terribly funny to watch me run around in a panic.  It never occurred to her that I might do my job and report them missing.  I called the main office, but it was too late - those checks were no good. 

I made her go around to every other teacher and explain why their pay would be late that week.  *evil smile*


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