It's late.

Jun. 13th, 2007 10:08 pm
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I've lost friends today, if the posting (and lack thereof) is any indication. Most of them went down fighting, God love 'em. Lights are on up and down the street, but except for my dead neighbor, I haven't seen anyone else in hours.

I've heard so many stories today. The CDC's vaccinations were a waste of time, not to mention making the danger so much worse. The National Guard (what few are still in the States right now) had their hands full in the cities. Someone on the radio was rattling on about the old tank at the Armory up the road being put back into service, but it's been sitting on the block so long, I'm sure it's rusted to the ground. Before the radio fizzed out again this time, a guy was claiming that the zombies will all be dead when the sun rises again, that their life span's only 24 hours long. I'd love to believe he's right. But like all the other nonsense that's been spouted all day, I have a hard time caring. I'm so tired, and I need to sleep. I don't know if I can.

But with any luck, there'll be a world to wake up to if I do. Good night, all of you who are still with me. Good luck.
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I heard a commotion outside, and took a quick look out of the vent. My neighbor across the street was in his yard, yelling something about the electricity being back on. He was so excited he didn't see the three zombies creeping up behind him. I screamed, but it was too late. I couldn't stand to watch.

So the lights are on. I'm still not coming out of the attic tonight.
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News out of the UK indicates that the faster zombies are being hunted by the older, slower ones. I suppose they're a little too human for the slowpokes to tell the difference. I don't know why they're letting themselves be caught, but from what I heard, there might be a glimmer of hope. If they turn on each other...

The scratching I heard before was [ profile] philipmcavery coming home. We let the ladder down for him, so now we're all up here. It's hot and stuffy, and we can't move around for fear of falling through the ceiling.

But at least the battery's holding out.
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I'm in my attic, with the ladder pulled up behind me. We loaded all the food from the cabinet, filled as many jugs as we could find with water (why couldn't we have waited to take the recycling off until later?) and we're hiding out up here. I don't know how long the battery on the laptop will last, but I'm afraid to use an extension cord, because they'll see. And they'll know.

The CDC was wrong. The Sheriff's Department was wrong. Hell, CNN was wrong. The vaccinations didn't help. People who had the shots and then got eaten anyway are getting zombified...and they're fast. They're thinking. They're using cars and weapons, and all hell's breaking loose. Before the cable went out again, CNN was guessing the vaccination is responsible.

Hide, people. If you have a gun, load it. Shoot them in the head. If you have a stick, bash them until their own brains leak out. It's the only thing that'll stop them. Although at this point, I don't see how we can survive.

I hear something....
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Now I know why 911 wasn't answering - they've been out taking care of our little problem. The Sheriff's Department just came by. They're checking all the houses out here for the Infected. Any they find, they're shooting in the head - not too hard, since the zombies move almost as fast as the Sleestak, plus with that incessant moaning and crying for "Brains!", you can hear them coming days ahead. There's a guy from the CDC, too, armed with vaccinations against the infection. We took our shots and promised to stay in the house until we get the okay to leave.

Cable's back, and it's all over every channel. CNN's broadcasting from the CDC in Atlanta, and from Parris Island, so I keep watching, hoping to see my family. [ profile] philipmcavery's okay. They had to shove a few zombies into the extrusion machine at work, but other than some icky discoloration in the product that came out, the machine seemed to do the trick. The CDC folks hit Charlotte first, so I'm hoping he'll be home soon.

I'm a little worried about [ profile] beatrizwench...she said she was headed out for lunch, and I don't know if she knows about the problem. I can't reach her on her cell, but then again, a lot of the lines are down. How the internet is still running, is anyone's guess.

Then again, the internet will live forever...
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Okay, I just got a call from my parents. I'm still not sure I believe all this, but apparently there was some sort of scientific malfunction at a biochemistry lab in the Midwest two days ago, and it has led to people rising from the dead. Zombies, y'all! Real zombies! The Marines went around collecting everyone who's still human, and they're all holed up on Parris Island. Lucky them. I'm stuck here, but at least we're out a ways from the city. Maybe we can hold out until the authorities can deal with the problem.

Dang it. I had plans for this weekend, but I'm not dancing for a bunch of gray-skinned dead people who only want me for my brains.
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I went to the Post Office to finally ship off the copy-edits, and the line was really long. An old lady was standing at the counter, reaching over at the woman running the register. She kept moaning something about the rain, until she finally wandered off. She looked terrible - her skin was kinda gray.

So then I went to Hobby Lobby, and bought some extra bright red sequin trim for the costume I'm wearing Saturday. As I was headed for the car, a guy started crossing the parking lot toward me. He was walking funny, like his knees didn't work, so I got in and locked the door. He started knocking on the window - his skin was gray like the old lady's, and there was some disgusting red glop around his mouth. I pulled out and drove away. As soon as I was a good distance from him, I tried calling 911 to get him some help, but I kept getting a recording. I mean, come on, since when does 911 take messages?

I figured I'd check the news when I got home, but the cable's out. Must be the storm.
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[ profile] philipmcavery emailed me from work - there was a huge traffic mess on the interstate, and he ended up an hour late arriving. He didn't know what caused it, but there were an awful lot of people standing around staring as he drove by. A little while later, [ profile] beatrizwench posted that there must have been a big party at her complex, since she saw people shambling around looking drunk early this morning, and on her way to work, some bummy-looking fellow threw himself in the street in front of her car.


I'm headed out to the post office and the bank in a few minutes, so I hope I don't run into any freaky people.

Just a reminder...please don't panic over anything I write today.


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