May. 23rd, 2012

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So my official panel schedule for ConCarolinas is up - I hope I'll see aome of you there!

Friday 05:00 pm Kidnapping Your Muse - Part One
What to do when your muse has left you and the words will not flow.
Panelists: David B. Coe, Crymsyn Hart, Misty Massey, Allen Wold, Faith Hunter, A.J. Hartley

Friday 07:00 pm The Rise of the Heroine
Girls rule the book world! A look at the best (and worst) female protagonists, past and present.
Panelists: Diana Bastine, William Hatfield, Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, Eliza Gayle, Betty Cross

Friday 08:00 pm Bad Boys, Bad Boys
Why we love our rogues and anti-heroes. Parental guidance suggested.
Panelists:Jim S Bernheimer, William Hatfield, Faith Hunter, Dahlia Rose, James R. Tuck, Kalayna Price, Misty Massey

Saturday 09:00 am The Next Step
So, you've finished your book or story....what now?
Panelists: Misty Massey, Terry W Ervin II, Edmund R. Schubert, Stephen Weese, Gray Rinehart, John G. Hartness, David B. Coe

Saturday 07:00 pm Killing Friends and Enemies
How best to 'dispose' of characters that are no longer necessary to your plot.
Panelists: Rachel A. Aaron, Jim S Bernheimer, Misty Massey, Carrie Ryan, James R. Tuck, J. F. Lewis

Sunday 10:00 am Ask the Author
Have a question for one of our authors? Now's your chance to get those answers in this open Q&A session.
Panelists: Stephen Zimmer, David Drake, Carrie Ryan, Tony Sarrecchia, Edmund R. Schubert, Angie Smibert, Allen Wold, Misty Massey, A.J. Hartley

Sunday 01:00 pm Do Your Research!
The best ways to research your work so you avoid any inconsistancies and anachronisms.
Panelists: David B. Coe, Faith Hunter, Robert James Luedke, Jack McDevitt, Stella Price, Misty Massey, A.J. Hartley


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